The Centre for Social Justice Foundation

Our long standing client, the Centre for Social Justice, came to us to design and develop a website for their Foundation – which supports community based charities across the UK.
The website has two key objectives: to inform people (particularly the media and policy makers) of the work of these charities and inspire them to take action. The work these charities do informs the policy work of the CSJ and thus the website is an information rich one which nonetheless needed to be user friendly in order to inform and inspire.

How did we deliver? 

First, our designers sought to expand on the CSJ’s brand with an additional set of colours. We needed to ensure the Foundation was recognisably part of the CSJ and so their distinctive maroon was retained as a core element of the colour palette. It was important though to allow the Foundation to, at the same time, be recognisably its own, even if complementary, entity and so a new set of secondary colours which could be used as accents to draw people’s attention were developed. A series of neon colours were therefore brought in to reflect the different nature of the Foundation, with its focus being more on the charitable sector with its variety of stakeholders.

The website was then designed to use these colours to best advantage. For example, by using bold blocks of colour for each page heading, but then as accents to draw people in and indicate new sections and pieces of information without being so overwhelming as to reduce user friendliness.

It was vital the website gave space to all those charities who are a part of the Foundation’s work so as to inspire others and this informed the layout so images are large and spaced out without text overlaying them.

Meanwhile, the purpose of informing people needed to be achieved but in a user friendly manner. Consequently we developed animated maps to allow key geographical information to be showcased along with colourful graphs to allow data to be best visualised.

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