Committed to delivering success for clients by helping them communicate - through compelling design, creative guidance and effective online platforms.

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About Us

Rubber Duckiee is a London-based creative agency with a wealth of expertise in the technical elements of design and website development, as well as experience in how best to use our skills for your benefit.

We’re a committed team who prefer working in long term partnership with our clients, and we’re proud that so many of our clients have been with us for years.

Why is this and why should you work with Rubber Duckiee?

Because you want results, and so do we. Yes, we produce outstanding creative work but it’s not there simply to look good – there’s a business purpose – to achieve your objectives, whether that be to increase your sales, communicate a message or raise awareness of your brand.

That’s why we invest in analytics as much as we do aesthetics. We know first impressions count for everything and that understanding the psychology of design is key to generating a positive first impression. This is also why we invest in making our products as user friendly as we can, a brand must be easily applicable in all formats for it to be valuable to you in the long term, just as a website must be operable by you without vast technical expertise.

A variety of organisations have come to depend on us for both graphic design and web development work because they know we are experts in our field. Our designers are professional, experienced and focused, bringing with them a flair that never fails to impress.

We are trusted by companies, both large and small, to deliver projects on time and to all the specified criteria. In every case, we strive to exceed expectations.

How we work with you

Every client is unique and so we work differently with every client. We have at the core a process we follow but this is tailored to how you wish to operate.

Some people have a very clear concept of what they want, while others want more guidance or challenge. Either way, we will collaborate closely with you to ensure we fully understand what success looks like for you and then how best to achieve that within your budget and timescales.

In a world where time is precious and all actions must be justified, we endeavour to anticipate your needs and provide the most efficient and effective solutions to your challenges.

When it comes to the delivery – we take our inspiration from you – your ethos, mission and vision as well as the market in which you operate. We will work closely with you, building upon your initial idea and making regular contact throughout the project’s lifetime.

The Process

While every client is different, our commitment, drive, creative process and ability to produce results remains the same for each project we undertake:

  • Collaboration – building working relationships
  • Conception – developing the original idea
  • Creation – bringing the project to life
  • Correction – reviewing and finalising amendments
  • Completion – launching the final project
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