Centre for Social Justice

The CSJ’s vision is for those living in the poorest and most disadvantaged communities across Britain to be given every opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential. They work to bring this vision to life by seeking to influence the policies the Government creates and the laws it makes, such that it does all it can to address the root causes of poverty.

We have worked with them since 2016 providing both graphic design and website development services.

Our first responsibility was to redesign and rebuild their website, modernising their brand in the process. Since then we have continued to maintain and manage the website, evolving the functionality as their offering grows. Most recently for example we developed a data tacker to show key data relevant to their areas of research.

On the design front we regularly design and typeset their policy papers, including their 300 page State of the Nation report, as well as their marketing and event collateral.

Throughout our partnership, we have been committed to providing creative counsel and ensuring all work delivered aligns with their goals and values.



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