ReGenerate, is a think tank on a mission to transform the landscape of business in the UK. By collaborating with senior leaders across government, investment, and business sectors, their goal is to drive systemic reforms for a purpose-driven business approach to become the new norm.

One of the ways in which they seek to achieve their goal of driving change is through the sharing of research. Their rigorously conducted research is complemented by their own astute analysis before being developed into policy proposals and reports. These serve to educate the government and others on how best to support businesses to profitably do good.

What was needed?

There’s an enormous number of agencies, organisations and individuals all seeking to present their ideas to government. So ReGen knew that to achieve an impact they would need their publications to be compelling in content and aesthetic so their message would resonate and their findings be engaged with.

Their detailed reports spanned from 50 to over 120 pages, packed with graphics originally created in Google Docs and Slides. These two factors led to a recognition of the need for professional assistance.

Knowing of us already, with some of the team having worked with us in the past at different organisations, they approached us knowing this was a challenge we could take on. They gave us the task of not only refining the aesthetic appeal of their reports, but also enhancing their accessibility and engagement potential.

What did we deliver? 

From the outset, we worked closely to deliver in line with ReGenerate’s vision and clear objectives, particularly the need to ensure the final product met the standards expected in both governmental and business contexts.

We used our expertise to present ReGen’s research and recommendations to best effect – allowing the text to flow and the data to be clearly visualised and understood.

In addition to knowing what works for the reader our experience also gave us the ability to deliver to tight deadlines without ever compromising on quality for the ReGen team.

The ReGen team knew what they wanted so this was very much a client-led project – our role was to refine and elevate their reports to professional standards. This was a rewarding collaboration whereby through true partnership working we got to bring our client’s vision to life.