Cratus Group

In the summer of 2023 Cratus Communications rebranded and became Cratus Group. This was a hugely significant and important step for the company, more than a refresh of the look and feel of the business it reflected a significant change in their service offering and positioning with their sector.

What did Cratus need?

In line with this total rebrand Cratus needed their website to be redesigned and rebuilt to reflect their enhanced offering and investment in new services.

This project was about more than updating the colour palette across the site, it involved a fundamental rethink as to how the site worked.

Central to how well any website operates is how well it works for those managing it and how well it works for those using it, a key requirement was for the website to be more comprehensively integrated with Cratus’ other systems to ensure a more seamless experience.

How did we deliver it? 

To deliver for those managing the site and growing the business we worked closely with the Cratus team to rationalise the ‘behind the scenes’ elements. To this end we integrated a CRM API, shifting the responsibility of lead management away from individuals and into an organised and automated system using the Hubspot CRM system.

We also sought wherever possible to minimise content types and inter-dependencies between pages to make administering the site more straightforward.

While delivering for the here and now is crucial, it’s also important to us that a website continues to deliver and is able to evolve after launch. Our team therefore worked hard to ensure that while the site is powered by 100s of 1000s of lines of code it can be managed and grown, in terms of new pages and sections, by people without any prior web experience.

None of this would however be worthwhile without focusing on the user experience. The rebrand simplified and elevated the Cratus look and it was important that this did not result in a flat, unengaging website. Animation and elements of interaction to enhance the experience of those visiting the site were therefore priorities.

Therefore, by leveraging their JavaScript expertise, our team implemented full-image scrollable sections coupled with animated text, dynamic transitions between sections and animation on mouse movement over key text elements to bring the site to life.



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