Your brand is your most important asset – whether you’re a charity, a large corporation, a small business or an individual in the public eye.

If you don’t have the luxury of a brand or marketing manager (if you are one please see below!) we get that it’s all too easy to put your brand guidelines on a shelf and forget about them as you go about your day to day work. But a brand is not something static, it evolves as you evolve and needs to be nurtured accordingly. The value of your brand is largely determined by how it’s perceived by others, so you need to always have one eye on how what you produce, do and say aligns with your brand and how that’s being received.

Why is your brand such an important asset? Because a strong brand will help you sell more, attract more attention and engagement, receive more in funding / investment and make your organisation worth more.

Your brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors, a strong, positive one helps consumers purchase your products and attracts talent to your team because it’s distinctive. It needs to be recognisable, memorable and create a strong link between your stakeholders and your business.

At Rubber Duckiee, we combine research into you, your market and your peers with our design knowledge to bring your brand — and your message — into focus.

Your brand will mean different things to different people so we begin by talking – to you, your team, your suppliers and your customers / users. Once we have collected the views of all the key stakeholders we feedback our findings as well as the findings of our research into the wider sector and the trends in other industries. We find it’s always beneficial to consider what can be learnt and adapted from industries totally unrelated to yours to help generate fresh thinking.

Once the crucial research and discussion stages are complete we start creating mockups for what will become your library of brand assets. Your brand assets are your name, logo, colour palette, slogan, characters / mascots, jingle and packaging. Not everyone will need to deploy all of these potential assets and we will work with you to determine what’s right for your needs.

After we have finished the branding process, whether it be a rebrand or the creation of a new brand it’s vital for the sake of memorability that your brand is applied consistently. We therefore spend time with you and your team throughout the process to ensure the practical is never forgotten, this helps your team become owners of the brand and confident in its day to day application. Summing everything up as to how the brand and its assets should be used is your brand guidelines which we’ll deliver at the end of the project.

If you’re starting from scratch or refreshing an existing brand – get in touch today.

And if you are a brand manager? Get in touch to see how we can work with you to give you more capacity.