Magply Building Products

Magply is an established building material with fierce competition. They first approached us more than five years ago to create a brand and associated marketing materials.

As Magply continued to gain certifications for different applications our approach, from inception onwards, had to allow the brand to evolve to reflect the growing list of applications and certificates. Therefore, we had to create a website which would allow our client to easily add new certificates, applications, case studies, and much more.

We started with the creation of a clean logo that encompassed a magpie, as directed by the client. Then, we worked on the website design and development, keeping in mind the evolving nature of the brand. The website was designed in sections with a corporate structure that would allow the client to easily add new certificates, applications, case studies, and other relevant content. We also ensured the website was multi-lingual to cater to the European market. Additionally, we made use of large images and videos to make the website visually appealing and engaging.

Our approach of guided web development helped Magply to understand the process at every stage. Through our guided web development approach, we were able to create a strong online presence for Magply in the European market. The website we created not only helped the brand to evolve but also made it easy for the client to add new content. As a result, Magply was able to showcase their products and certifications effectively, thereby gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Since then we have worked with them as their brand guardian ensuring every piece of material produced as part of their marketing and sales efforts has their brand properly applied to maintain their brand strength and visual recognition.

Their audience is one for whom safety is paramount. The quality of their product, and its ability to withstand fire, is thus of utmost importance. Consequently, from a design perspective the
visual priority is to convey their expertise which we do by prominently featuring their benefits and certifications alongside shield icons owing to the connection a shield has to the provision of safety and protection.

Overall, whether we are designing leaflets or exhibition pull ups our design allows the uses and benefits of the product to speak for themselves, for people to be able to see at a glance the benefits they can bring.

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