Use WordPress as your website’s CMS

WordPress, it isn’t just for blogging anymore!

Back when it was first founded in 2003 as a blogging platform the very idea that one day it would become the most popular CMS strategy for commercial websites was a mere pipe dream. However, since then WordPress has grown and become the best CMS, or Content Management System, for companies and website owners. There are many reasons why business owners and corporations choose WordPress to power their websites over other CMS’s.

For starters, it doesn’t require any licensing fees, and is absolutely free to use. If that isn’t enough incentive, consider the fact that it is completely user-friendly, allowing a complete novice with absolutely no technical background or knowledge of programming languages to build, run, and update a fully functioning website. If there’s a certain feature you need for your website, you are bound to find a free or low-cost plugin for that (a plugin is basically software that allows you to customise your website).

Another great feature of WordPress is that it is very SEO friendly. Search engines love the backend design because it’s easy for them to crawl and index, which helps your brand place higher in the search results. In today’s world where Google keeps changing their algorithms left and right, having an SEO friendly CMS platform can put a website owner’s mind at ease.

The flexibility of WordPress allows you to make changes to your website on the fly with the mere click of a couple of buttons. Also, because it’s web-based, you are able to make those changes from any computer as long as you’re connected to the Internet. All you need to do is login and go.  Even if you’re on vacation, you can still make those all important changes thanks to the flexibility of this great CMS platform.

All in all the WordPress CMS platform is a website owners dream. It’s stable, secure, and cost-effective, saving you a fortune in time and money. Its ease of use and flexibility makes it the ultimate CMS answer for commercial websites.  You can even easily integrate all of your social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ into your website, and it’s completely scalable so it can grow along with your business.  If there’s something you don’t know the answer to, or if you need some assistance they even have a support forum where you can get the help you need from the community.

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