Two Key Social Media Tips

Social media is an invaluable, oftentimes untapped tool for reaching out to potential customers and followers who may wholeheartedly support your business. It’s a way to inspire brand loyalty, improve or build a reputation, and garner free, unlimited advertising in a smooth way that doesn’t feel overwhelming to potential customers. It’s the soft sell of marketing, yet it’s so much more than that. If you are looking for ways to harness social media and optimise it in order to achieve personal and professional goals, here are some crucial tips.

Take On The Right Amount of Social Media

You should only form social media accounts that you can manage and commit to easily maintaining. If you do establish a social media presence on a site, you need to be sure that it is at least updated once per week, but it should preferably be updated at least once every weekday. The major players are Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Depending on the type of business you have, you may also want to create an Instagram account as well as a Pinterest one. If you have a shop that relates to books in any way, GoodReads is another viable option. Just make sure to follow the golden rule of commercial social media accounts: take on only what you can easily handle.

Create a Back Log of Social Media Updates

This may seem like something that’s unnecessary, especially if you are somebody who is always coming up with ideas, but there will be a time when you need some help. It happens to everybody, whether it’s from feeling under the weather or just not inspired.

When you are creating a back log of social media updates, keep in mind that you want to have posts that would be relevant any time of year and with any sort of news going on. It could be just as relevant a year from now as today. Sure, you can choose topical content for some posts in the back log, but they should mostly be appropriate for posting on any day in the future.

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