The Legal Requirements for Business Websites

Many companies registered within the UK are unaware of the legal requirements for business websites. Companies Act 2006 included a section know as trading disclosures, this section aims to make businesses more transparent to the public, by supplying information such as; directors’ disqualification, the business name(s), location(s) and much more.

To help we have outlined the basics of what is required for websites and emails;

  1. company name (registered name),
  2. where in the UK the company is registered (e.g. England and Wales),
  3. the address of the company’s registered office,
  4. the company’s registered number,
  5. if it is a limited company (or exempt from the requirement to use “limited” in its name),
  6. if the company is being wound up, in administration, receivership or a moratorium is in force in respect of its debts,
  7. the VAT number,
  8. and, if the company chooses to publicly display its share capital, then it must show the amount paid.

There are two exceptions for display the company name;

  1. The company is insolvent,
  2. and, all of the company directors residential addresses cannot be disclosed to a credit reference agency.

All of the above has been a legal requirement of companies registered in the UK since the 8th November 2006, this includes overseas companies registered in the UK.

This is only a quick guide, if you would like more in depth information on trading disclosures visit Companies House website.