Is your SEO strategy right?

In the past year, there have been some substantial changes in the way businesses are ranking in search engines. Most of these changes have been implemented through Google, one of the most commonly used search engines, but other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are following suit. If your company relies on search engines for generating traffic, (what company doesn’t) then you should already be aware of the recent industry trends:

“Money Keywords” are Obsolete

“Money keyword” links have been ripped apart by the latest search engine algorithms. Many websites have already been nailed for having anchor backlinks that focused on unnatural links or keywords. Most search engines are shifting away from keywords and refocusing on branding. Your SEO strategy should be following suit. It’s vital that you should be focusing your energy on content and branding instead of trying to rank for specific terms. This strategy just won’t work anymore.

It’s About Blogging and Content Creation

Content campaigns are the new normal. Yes, these strategies have always been an important part of the overall SEO strategy, but creating content for content’s sake won’t work anymore. You’ll need to have direct goals that keep consumers in mind. Content should be digestible and have value. Creating a 300 word blog once a week just because it’s good for SEO won’t help you rank. You’ll have to create valuable content.

Social Media is About Sharing

It’s not about having followers anymore. Today’s SEO strategy includes social media strategies that create shares and likes. Engagement is still important, but conversations are now leading the way for higher search engine ranking.

SEO has changed for the better. Successful SEO strategy involves creating and disseminating content and creating conversations. Syndication, distribution, and reception of said created content is now impacting rankings more than anything else. Has your SEO strategy changed to accommodate these new developments?

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