Responsive web design is here to stay

Responsive web design is capable of providing an optimal user experience. If you were to use a PC and then a iPhone to browse a responsive website, you can expect the same content without a fall in convenience. This is because rather than having a mobile website and a ‘normal’ website, a responsive website is a single site that changes to suit the device it is being viewed on, offering a much better user experience.

The Main Benefits to Using a Responsive Website

For businesses, having a responsive website is important because it lets them reach more potential customers. Mobiles are more convenient and portable, meaning that more people are using them more and more for browsing the Web. The number of mobile users in the UK is continuing to rise, with predictions to reach 84 million by 2016. Combined, these factors are creating a rich customer base that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Responsive websites the best solution to this problem for a number of reasons, the most important:

  1. setting up a single responsive website is simpler and less time-consuming than setting up multiple websites for multiple platforms.
  2. Google is beginning to consider mobile optimisation in its search engine rankings, meaning businesses that fail to use mobile-friendly websites will end up seeing their rankings on Google slip. In contrast, businesses with mobile-friendly sites will see their rankings rise, making it easier for potential customers to find them instead of their competitors.

Of course, there are other benefits to responsive website design that businesses should not fail to recognise. Examples range from improved user experience to cheaper development and maintenance in the long term. Of these benefits, the improvement in user experience is perhaps the most important because it provides a boost to the business’s conversion rate. After all, businesses have no hope of converting potential customers into realised revenue if those same individuals are forced to flee because of an unbearable user experience.

In short, businesses should consider a responsive website because the potential benefits are much bigger than the costs of implementation. This is not gospel, but it might as well be for most of the businesses operating in the UK.

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