Minimise Your Websites Bounce Rate

People toss the term bounce rate around, but what does it really mean? Your bounce rate indicates the percentage of people who land on a page and then leave without going anywhere else on the website. Try to visualise your home page as the entrance to your business. If you had numerous people walking in and immediately leaving you would want to figure out why. Here are some ideas to help you improve your bounce rate, so your visitors will want to stay and discover everything you have to offer.

Enhance Usability

If users can’t find what they need they will become irritated and proceed to another site within seconds. A clean website with easy to navigate menus makes it easier for people to locate what they’re searching for.

Produce Fantastic Content

If your website doesn’t contain enough content people are likely to move on to greener pastures. It’s essential to have fresh, relevant, and original content so they’ll come back for more.

Increase Readability

Ensure your background colours, font colours, and font sizes are reader friendly. Additionally, make sure your paragraphs are short and easily digestible. If your text is cluttered together into one giant paragraph, nobody is going to take the time to attempt to read it.

Minimise Loading Time

In a world where everyone is in a rush, nobody wants to wait around forever for a webpage to load. If yours takes longer than two or three seconds your visitors will head for the nearest exit.

Incorporate a Search Bar

Place a highly visible search bar on your page that your readers can use to easily find other articles and content within your site.

Utilise Internal Linking

People always link to outside sources on their websites, but those encourage people to leave. It’s important to provide internal links to other articles on your website to persuade readers to stick around. If you find that you absolutely must use external links ensure that they open in new tabs.

Accommodate Mobiles

These days, many people surf the web on their cell phones and tablets, so it’s crucial that they can easily navigate your website from these devices.

Be Browser Friendly

Nowadays there are several different browsers for people to use, and your website could look fantastic in one, but horribly in another. Test your website in all of them to make sure you’re not alienating a large portion of your targeted audience.

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