Don’t forget your printed marketing

The world of technology and digital advertising has people thinking that printed marketing is old news and should be abandoned. Companies see all of these flashy online advertisements and immediately jump on the digital advertising bandwagon throwing print advertising to the wayside. But print advertising isn’t dead, and it’s not going to die any time soon.

While having an online presence is important, it’s also important to remember that there are many people out there in this day and age that still don’t own computers or have Internet access. If you were to solely use online advertising campaigns and cut out any print advertising you would alienate that entire audience and potentially lose those sales. Potential customers who do have Internet access also read their mail, look at flyer’s, and read magazines.

Keep in mind that people flip through hundreds of web pages a day, and see so many ads while doing so that it might be difficult to remember a single ad that they’ve seen online. However, something that they’ve seen in print is much more likely to stick in their minds.  When they see print ads, they become more engaged and the ad stays in their minds longer. They might not realise they have a need for the product, but they remember the ad.
With so many fly by night companies and Internet scams, people trust what they can see in black and white on a printed page. If they are going to make a big purchase they are more likely to make that purchase through print advertising because they have something tangible that they can look at and refer back to.

It might surprise you to know that the majority of larger corporations continue to maintain both print and digital advertising campaigns. Why do they do that, simply because it works. They are able to reach a wider audience and it keeps their brand on the consumers mind.  Customer trust and loyalty is more often found through print advertising than any other method.

The most beneficial method of advertising for companies is to use a mixture of both print and digital advertising to gain exposure to a broader customer spectrum. The truth is that technology will never be able to replace the impact that print advertising has on the consumer.  When you’re preparing your next advertising campaign be sure that you aren’t alienating a large portion of your potential customers and ultimately sales.

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